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Targeted Home Study Programs
Seeds To Change Targeted Home-Study Programs

Here is the ultimate at-home support for creating physical change! A vibrant collection of audios and workbooks take you on a step-by-step journey to success.

They are so thorough, it’s almost like I am in the room with you! Since they are self-guided you can work at your own pace.

Available topics:

  • Healthy Weight Loss -- An eight week program to help you get a handle on your weight

  • Detoxifying Cleanse Program -- This complete program guides you through a week-long internal cleanse at home.

  • Make it through the holidays healthy calm and sane -- Never put on unwanted holiday weight or add stress again!

    Each course contains multiple modules that include audio recordings, notes from the recordings and supplemental materials like articles, recipes and handouts. See the details below of each course.

    Seeds To Change Transformational Cleansing Program

    You’ve heard and read a lot about the benefits of cleansing your body. You spring clean your house – why not do the same for your body?

    This 5-module home study program will guide you through conducting an internal cleanse at home.

    You will learn:
  • Why it is helpful and healthful to cleanse
  • How to prepare for the cleanse
  • How to conduct a cleanse at home
  • How to ease back into “normal” eating

    This inspiring 5-module program includes:
  • 5 One-hour audio "classes" to listen to:
    ---- Class 1: Preparing for the cleanse
    ---- Class 2: Conducting the cleanse itself
    ---- Class 3: Dealing with potential side effects
    ---- Class 4: Getting back to a normal eating pattern
    ---- Class 5: One week later — Health check-up
  • A comprehensive set of materials summarizing the key points of each class.
  • Complete cleanse instruction booklet, including lots of yummy recipes!

    ADDED BONUS: 20% off an intial consultation with me (a $27 value)

    YOUR INVESTMENT: only $99


  • Healthy Weight Loss Home Study Program

    A Eight-Week Home Study Program to jump-start your goals – it CAN happen!

    Do you want lose weight? Are you tired of having this SAME issue year after year? Would you like to eat healthy, have some fun and FINALLY get a handle on your weight?

    Get a jump-start on your goal. Use my dynamic eight-week home study course on HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS.

    You will discover how to:
  • Keep your metabolism in gear – and help it stay even
  • Identify other factors of your life may be inhibiting your weight loss
  • Develop a meal plan that works for you
  • Incorporate HEALTHY (and yummy) food choices

    In this inspiring eight-week program includes:
  • 4 one-hour classes
  • A set of notes summarizing each class, detailing your assignment for those two weeks,
  • Supplemental support materials including cooking, excercise,self care, relaxation and stress reduction tips and much more.
  • Several recipe books - veggies, healthy snacks and my favorite recipes

    ADDED BONUS: 20% off an intial consultation with me (a $27 value)

    YOUR INVESTMENT: only $99

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