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Motivational Presentations
Are you a Program Chair? Let me come entertain and motivate your group.

Does your group need a compelling event? Everyone cares about food. My workshops educate, inform, and motivate. Speakers Info Sheet

Does your Corporation need a boost in their Healthy Thinking IQ? Whether it’s a seminar, a talk or an interactive workshop, I plant the seeds to change.

As a frequent guest lecturer and workshop facilitator I can truly connect and motivate an audience.

You can choose from previous lectures and workshops given, or we can custom design one for your organization’s unique needs.

Corporations and Business Organizations Enjoy:
  • Eat for Balance and Energy
  • Eat to Accomplish Your Goals
  • Eat Out Healthy and STILL Have Fun
  • Keeping Balance in Your Life While Going Through a Transition
  • Healthy Weight Loss
  • Healthy Holiday Eating

    Women’s Groups Enjoy:
  • Eat Out Healthy and STILL Have Fun
  • Singing the Sugar Blues?
  • Eating for Women Health
  • Food Cravings -Why Do We Have Them, What Do They Tell Us?
  • Learn How and Why to Read Food Labels
  • Healthy Weight Loss

    Partial Client List Includes:
  • New Age Health Spa
  • Donna Karan Corp
  • Coldwater Creek
  • United Nations
  • Numerous law firms
  • Social and business organizations
  • Spas and yoga centers

    Eat for Balance and Energy
    • Always tired?
    • Experience energy and mood swings?
    • Have trouble sleeping?
    Want to be balanced and energized?
    Learn how food and other lifestyle choice can affect your energy level. Slight changes to your diet or lifestyle will be discussed along with food to add and food to avoid.
    Learn about:
    • Foods that give you energy
    • Foods that drain your energy
    • Lifestyle factors that give us or rob us of energy

    Getting Out Of Your Head-How To Relax And Stop The Chatter
    Is your mind always racing? Do you have difficultly getting to sleep? Learn some techniques to stop this chatter. We will discuss some of the reasons the chatter exists and some ways to calm it down.

    Stopping the chatter will give you more focus, clarity and calm relaxation!

    Eat Out Healthy and STILL Have Fun
    • Do you eat out often and want to have a better handle on what you eat?
    • What should you order?
    • What should you avoid?
    Learn how to make educated, healthy choices while dining in restaurants and modify your current favorites be a healthier choice. The entire dining out experience will be discussed from the before dinner drink to dessert.

    Singing the Sugar Blues?
    Love sugar? Do you think you’re addicted to it? Have you experienced low energy, fatigue, irritability, brain fog or food addictions? Are you constantly craving sweets and want to understand why this is happening to you? If you want to gain control without willpower or deprivation, this lecture will certainly help you do it!

    Keeping Balance in Your Life While Going Through a Transition
    • Hear nutritional suggestions to keep you healthy and grounded
    • Discuss how other influences in your life affect nutritional choices and overall health
    • Learn steps you can take to stay grounded and balance while you ease through this transitional time in your life

    Eating for Women Health
    • Cravings?
    • PMS?
    • Pregnant?
    • Menopause?
    Would you like to learn some nutrition tips to address some of these issues?

    What can we eat (or not eat) to decrease cravings, PMS and menopause symptoms? Learn how food choices could be contributing to these health concerns.

    Food Cravings -Why Do We Have Them, What Do They Tell Us?
    Do you crave certain foods? Do you, find yourself going to great lengths to either find the food you crave or avoid the food you crave? Attend this lecture and learn:
    • why you crave the food you do
    • how to recognize the trigger points
    • how to “head them off”
    • what to do after you have succumbed to the craving.

    Learn How and Why to Read Food Labels
    We’ve all heard or read that we should read the labels on the food we eat. But, do we know why or what we are looking for? Attend this lecture and learn the answer to both of these questions.

    Healthy Weight Loss
    Why are there so many diets? Why don't they work? How can you lose weight AND maintain it? We will discuss all of this plus some weight loss tips. We will also look at the true answer to how to keep the weight off after the goal is achieved.

    Your Nutrition Questions Answered
    Bring all of those nutritional and health questions you always wanted answered. We will answer as many as we can in the allotted time.

    The Power of Breath
    Learn how to fully utilize the capacity of your lungs. Breathing more effectively and efficiently has great power for the entire body – especially the brain - and is a tool for stress reduction. We will do a powerful breathing exercise together. The great thing about this tool is that you can do it anywhere – as everywhere you go you bring your lungs!

    A Guided Meditaion
    We will discuss the benefits of meditation, its powerful qualities and how it can help in so many areas of your life. We will also discuss some of the misconceptions around meditation. In a relaxing guided meditation you will see for yourself. You will leave the meditation both relaxed and energized.

    Internal Cleansing and Fasting
    How can we clean the body form the inside out? Creating a cleansing diet or conducting a fast is a great way to do this. Learn the differences between a cleanse and fast and learn some tips to prepare for one you can do yourself. You will discover how can you do it yourself and how can you transition back to “regular” eating.

    Healthy Holiday Eating
    We all seem to get a little crazy during the holiday season. In this lecture, we will discuss ways to avoid overeating, some “rebound” tips on how to “recover” when you do overeat and some non-food tips that will help create a little balance and create some time for you during this busy time.
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