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September 2007

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September 2007

Personal Notes:  The summer, though not technically over, is for all intents and purposes past.  Gone are the “dog days of summer.”  We move on to a new phase of the year – most people are re-focusing on goals and such.  We use the expression of the school year beginning even if we have long been out of school or have no children in school.


My goals for this season – to increase the marketing of my CD’s – now 14 in total.  I just released 5 more titles – see below for details.  



In This Issue

Nutrition Tip – Nuts and Seeds
Featured Recipe – Humus
Featured Article – Excercise
Upcoming Events
Teleclass – CONSTIPATION NEW DATE
Get to Balance
Looking for a Speaker?
New at Seeds To Change
Quote of the Month All beings 


Nutrition Tip

Nuts and Seeds  They are a great source of protein and healthy fat.  How can you incorporate more in to your diet?  Some ideas – snacks (they are also easily portable), add to salads or grain dishes or see the recipe below.  Portion control can be an issue with nuts for some people.  If so, pre measure out a portion (perhaps putting in a small plastic bag, container or bowl.)


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Featured Recipe

Humus (serves 4)


1        1 lb can Garbanzo Beans (chick peas)

3 - 4 T tahini (sesame butter)

2 cloves garlic

Juice of one-half lemon

Salt, pepper and other spices or herbs to taste


Put all ingredients in food processor and blend to desired texture.  It’s that easy!


Note: I personally like the texture a little lumpy.




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Featured Article

Exercise by Brenda Jaeck


We all know we should do it.  How many of us do?  Perhaps this will provide some motivation.


Let’s look at some of the benefits (some obvious and some not so obvious).  Then we’ll look at some tips to create or maintain an exercise regime.




Get overall health   it increases muscular strength, increases endurance, builds more efficient heart and respiration functions and increases flexibility.  As a result, exercise also slows down the aging process.


Weight loss or maintenance – We all know that exercise burns calories but we sometimes forget this part of the equation when focusing on weight loss.  We often think weight loss can happen in a miraculous way – for example by following some fad diet.  The truth of the matter is – there are two sides of the equation to weight loss and/or maintenance: energy consumed and energy burned.  Creating or increasing an exercise regime is THE way to focus on the later part of the equation.  As Nike says “Just do it!”  See the end of the article for some “how to” tips.


Let off some steam – Exercise is a great way to let go of stress.  Moving your body not only allows you to let go of emotions (anger, stress, etc…) but can also create a distraction from the problem at hand.


Curb appetite – Exercise can assist in maintaining healthy eating habits as it will curb your appetite (the exception of course is a professional athlete)


How To Tips:


I think the best advice to find an exercise that works for you is to look for something that you enjoy doing.  Often we think going to the gym is only way to get the exercise in.  However, it you despise the energy of the gym – you are not likely to create a long-term connection with exercise.


Rather, find an exercise you REALLY connect with.  This may be the gym.  But it may not be.  It might be walking (my personal preference), running, swimming or even something exotic like fencing. 


Think outside the box and find something you connect with.  If so, you will likely STILL be exercising one, five or even ten years from now. You will be thinner, healthier and happier as a result



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Upcoming Events

 NEW DATE – if you thought you missed it – not to worry – due to some technical glitches were unable to conduct the call earlier this month – it has been rescheduled as follows: 


TELECLASS - CONSTIPATION  Everyone's favorite subject I know :) -- This is an important topic to shed some light on.  I'll discuss the many ramifications (both short and long term) of not eliminating regularly. I'll paint and interesting picture of some of the causes and offer some solutions.  All the while - I try to keep it light and even a little entertaining. 


WHEN: Monday, September 17 at 7 PM.

The class will be one hour in length with a question and answer period following.


Can’t make that time?  Sign up anyway as anyone who signs up with receive the notes from the call via email as well as the ability to download a recording of the call.  This way you can listen to the call again or tune it when it is more convenient for you. 


INVESTMENT:  only $19. 



You will receive call-in information after registering.


What’s a teleclass?  It is just like a class you would attend in person, except you don’t have to leave your house or office.  You simply call the number provided and participate via telephone



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Get to Balance – Are seeking deep seeded balance and wellness?

Are your health concerns impeding you from living life fully? Do you want to change your relationship with food from the inside out? Are you seeking deep seeded balance and wellness?


I would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with you on a personal level.  We can work together privately to create a customized life-long plan for you AND create the steps to incorporate those changes into your existing routines.


Through my counseling services I can help you create and maintain balance in your life by using nutrition as a focus and a tool.  To do this I look at your entire lifestyle to achieve maximum health.  This is accomplished through education and private consultations where an individualized program is developed for you.  These consultations include evaluating your current diet and overall lifestyle and then making easily implemented, gradual changes.  Additionally, you’ll receive outside information in the form of articles, books, tapes and recipes.  Also included are additional monthly forms of education and participation -- activities like cooking coaching, health food store shopping hints, light exercising functions and other activities. My practice is telephone based, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease. To learn more to go


To schedule an initial consultation contact me today at or (917) 213-9305. 


By starting today, you will; Create action NOW


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Looking for a speaker?

One of my greatest joys is speaking to groups.  It is always a dynamic exchange and we all come away enriched.  Would your company or group benefit from an entertaining, motivating speaker on how to get healthier?   If so, please let me know the name and contact information of your program coordinator so that I may send them an informational packet.  I would love the opportunity to serve your favorite group.



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New at Seeds To Change

FEATURED CD  This month’s featured CD is--  Sleep Issues –Here’s a brief description


Sleep is SO important – without it we really can’t function properly.  Every aspect of life is then affected – mood, energy, food choices, ability to focus and on and on.  Do you have trouble sleeping– either getting to sleep or staying asleep?  I will explain the reasons for both and some tips for creating better, more restful sleep.    Even if you think you sleep well, you will learn some surprising facts.


PERFECT FOR YOUR CAR LIBRARY OR A BACK TO SCHOOL GIFT. Informative CD’s - You can lean about anything from Sugar to How to Eat Out Healthily in my new series of nutrition and lifestyle lectures on CD. Other topics include: Fasting and Cleansing, Eat for Balance and Energy, Healthy Weight Loss, Your Nutrition Questions Answered, Get out of Your Head: How To Stop the Chatter, an Introduction to Meditation and the five new titles: Sleep Issues, Water: How and Why to Drink More, Ten Top Tips for a Healthier You!, Constipation and Food Cravings. They are informative, interesting and even a little entertaining!  To order go to


WEBSITE: Check out my website.  It is chock-full information and resources.


WEEKLY RADIO SHOW HOSTED BY ME!   On  It’s an hour long show on the Internet.  For details go the website .  Each week we’ll cover a different nutrition/health topic, sometimes including guests. Check the site for air times, or go to the pod cast section and listen 24 hours a day!  Any ideas for shows are welcome – just email  If you are interested in being a guest – contact me about that too!


GIFT CERTIFICATES: Looking for a unique and easy gift?  How about a Seeds To Change Gift Certificate – available in any denomination – give the gift of health – to yourself or someone you care about. Another perfect back to school gift!


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Quote of the Month

May all beings be happy and free and may my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom.  Translation of a Sanskrit scripture


Please forward this newsletter to anyone and everyone that would benefit from Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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Helping you grow a happy, healthy life





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