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This page is just for you! It provides additional resources to peruse through. It’s full of useful information: the Seed to Change newsletter archives, articles that I have written, easy recipes and references to CD’s that I have recorded.

Another way to obtain specific information and get a better understanding of my philosophies. The bottom line – it really IS all connected.

Singing the Sugar Blues?
Healthy Dining Out
The Buzz on Caffeine
Quantity vs Quality
Green Veggies - Why?
Chew on This!
Fat - The Good, The Bad, The Reason
Why is Fiber Important?
Healthy Weight Loss
Read the Label
Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs
Health Holiday Eating

It is my intention to inspire you to get in the kitchen. By cooking for ourselves, we develop a closer connection with the food we eat. Cooking can be very calming and relaxing. And, we know what is in the food that we eat. My favorites: Crunchy Slaw, Lentil Loaf, Chocolate Fondue and others!

Crunchy Vegetable Slaw
Spinach 'Soufflé'
Greek Greens and Leek Tart
Asian Sauté Greens

Quinoa Pilaf
Pilaf with Tomatoes
Barley Porcini Risotto

Main Courses
Tempeh Provencal
Lentil Nut Loaf
Stacked Veggie and Tofu Lasagna

Snacks, Etc.
Almond Butter Balls
Cranberry Relish

Poached Pears
Chocolate Fondue

Are you an audio learner? Do you spend a lot of time in the car? These CD’s are informative and some are even a little entertaining! Pick the subject you want to be educated about. Value priced as follows: single CD $14.95, any three for $39 or purchase all 14 of them for $159.

“Brenda does amazing work – and gets impressive results – raising awareness about health. It is perfect timing that she shares her knowledge with a wider audience by way of this wonderful CD series.” said Stephanie Paradise, owner of The New Age Health Spa, Neversink, New York where Ms. Jaeck is a frequent lecturer.

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Food Cravings: Why Do We Have Them? What Do They Tell Us?

Water: How and Why to Drink More


Ten Top Tips for a Healthier You

Sleep issues

Healthy Holidays

Fasting and Cleansing

An Introduction to Meditation

Your Nutrition Questions Answered

Healthy Weight Loss

Sugar: The good, the bad, the ugly.

Eat Out Healthy and STILL Have Fun

Getting Out Of Your Head-How To Relax And Stop The Chatter

Eat for Balance and Energy

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If you prefer to read information or want to have notes to refer to but enjoy a lighter, yet more in-depth discussion of a topic than can be covered in a short article this is the option for you. Priced as follows: single booklet $15; any three for $40; and ten for $100.
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Using Food Medicinally $15.00

How Non-Food Issues Can Affect Your Health and Diet $15.00

Nutrition Myths Debunked $15.00

Quality vs Quantity $15.00

Your Questions Answered $15.00

Fasting vs Cleansing $15.00

Stop the Chatter in Your Head $15.00

Your Questions Answered #2 $15.00

Healthy Weight Loss $15.00

Eating For Balance and Energy $15.00

Eating Out $15.00

Sugar $15.00

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Newsletter Archives
Published electronically each month and filled with fun and valuable information. Each issue contains a nutrition tip, a thought provoking quote, a yummy and healthy recipe as well as an insightful health-related article. To subscribe, click here. Below is a summary of the newsletter library.

Month Quote Nutritional Tip Recipe Article Read
8/2011 Summer Veggie Juices Grilled Ceasar Salad Belly Up to the Salad Bar HTML
5/2011 Be unreasonably Happy Try Something New Market Salad A Trip to the Farmer's Market HTML
3/2011 Dining Well Cooking with Iron Roasted Mushroom and Califlower Salad Healthy Dining Out HTML
1/2011 those who matter take Time Tuscan White Bean Soup Quality vs Quanity HTML
12/2010 Families Moderation, not deprivation Chocolate Sweet Potatoe Torte Healthy Holiday Eating HTML
11/2010 Gratitude Breathe Field Greens with a Variety of Fruit, Nuts and.... Count Your Blessings HTML
10/2010 Smiles Pumpkin Pumpkin Soup - two versions Healthy Shopping Tips HTML
9/2010 Connections Barley Barley Porcini Risotto Lotus Touts HTML
8/2010 A Pocket Full Parsley Gazpacho The Buzz on Caffeine HTML
7/2010 Invisible Threads Avocado Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup Excercise's Unexpected Benefits HTML
6/2010 Sunbeams Make i simple BBQ Tempe Sourcec of Soy HTML
5/2010 Slow Down Cooling Foods Grilled Caeser Salad Motivation for Change HTML
4/2010 Look Ahead Cook for Yourself Crunchy vegetable Slaw Green Veggies - Why? HTML
3/2010 Life..... Eat In Coolor Zucchini Hummus The Power of Breath HTML
2/2010 Winter Winter Squash Spaghetti Squash with Cilantro Pesto Beat the Winter Blahs HTML
1/2010 Change Soup Roasted Butternut and Tomtoe Soup Change HTML
12/2009 Giving Millet millet Yam Burgers Giving HTML
11/2009 Gratitude Brussels Sprouts Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Leeks Portion control HTML
10/2009 Evny Coconut Water Yummy, Easy Breakfast Smoothies Breakfast HTML
9/2009 Words Tahani raw Yummy Spring Rolls Raw Food HTML
8/2009 The Summit and the Panoramic View Avocados Green Olives and Cream Fats HTML
7/2009 Stretch the Bow Herbs Stacked Veggie Lasagna Quality vs. Quantity HTML
6/2009 How change occurs Bring a Healthy Dish Picnic Quinoa Salad Life Tips from Regina Brett HTML
4/2009 The future depends on.... Asparagus Orange and Nut Sauteed Asparagus How do youe food choices affect ..... HTML
3/2009 Happiness Veggie Hunt Fruit and Nut Smoothie Raw Food: What's the Deal? HTML
2/2009 Desire for Change Create a System Raw Cauliflower Salad Menopause HTML
1/2009 Obstacles Go Nuts Almond Cream Healthy Weight Loss HTML
12/2008 Past, Present, Future Think BEFORE you eat Orange Spiced Nuts How can you help? HTML
11/2008 Planting seeds.. Mushrooms Holiday Stuffed Mishrooms Holiday Survival Guide HTML
10/2008 A penny Time Balsamic Roasted Vegetables Quality vs Quantity HTML
9/2008 Gain Strength Kale Emerald Sesame Kale Juice Fasting HTML
8/2008 best of luck Cilantro Asian Greens Saute Green Veggies - Why? HTML
7/2008 If you ship does not come in.... Cucumeber Chilled Avocado & Cucumber Soup Staying on Track at Social Events HTML
6/2008 happiness and moral duty Read the Label Lentil Burgers What IS the Food You Eat & WHERE does it come from HTML
5/2008 The Future Depends on.... Step out of your food box Scambled Tofu What does your food say about you? HTML
4/2008 Doctor of Future Root Veggies Millet Yam Burger Menopause HTML
3/2008 Beginning of life secret Fruit as a Sweet Chocolate Fondue Tips for an Exceptional Superb & Powerful Life! HTML
2/2008 Which heart will you feed? Nut Butters Nut Butter Balls Feed Your Heart HTML
1/2008 Know People Soup Curried Vegetable Lentil Soup Beat the Winter Blahs HTML
12/2007 Eat Pomegranate Pomegranate Field Greens with Fruits, Nuts and Other Goodies Healthy Shopping HTML
11/2007 Your Thoughts Chicory Herbal Chai Tea The Buzz on Caffeine HTML
10/2007 Shut Your Eyes Whole Grains Barley Porcini Risotto Eating With The Seasons HTML
9/2007 All Beings Nuts and Seeds Humus Excercise HTML
8/2007 Change Veggie Hunt Quinoa Salad Motivation for Change HTML
7/2007 Change Garlic Grilled Caesar Salad Travel and Still Eat Healthily HTML
6/2007 Real Beauty Beans Tuscan White Bean Dip Healthy Snacking HTML
5/2007 Honey/Vinegar Agave Nectar Healthy Banana Bread Singing the Sugar Blues HTML
4/2007 Don't fool yourself Mint Minted Spring Pea Soup Spring Clean YOU HTML
3/2007 The secret of getting ahead Winter Squash Wild Rice Stuffed Winter Squash Low Carb Craze HTML
2/2007 Ten Ways to Good Health Self Care Roasted Mushroom and Cauliflower Salad Portion Control HTML
1/2007 Taking Control Lentils Curried Red Lentil Soup Healthy Dining Out HTML
12/2006 Past, Present, Future Chocolate Chocolate Tofu Mousse Interesting, Non Frazzling Gift Ideas HTML
11/2006 Contentment Cranberries REAL Spiced Cranberry Sauce Water HTML
10/2006 Safe Harbor Mix it up! Italian Saute' Swiss Chard Practice Safe Salad HTML
9/2006 Nothing Changes Cooking: a new way to create mindfullness A montage of leftover grain recipes Whole Grains Why What are they Where do I find th HTML
8/2006 Life is a comedy Daikon Radish Asian Gazpacho 10 Thoughts on Whole Living HTML
7/2006 Being on the right track Avocado Chilled Cucumber & Avocado Soup Fiber HTML
6/2006 The Future belongs to you Grocery Shopping Crunchy Vegetable Slaw Juice Fasting HTML
5/2006 I have lived well Veggies Stacked Veggie and Tofu Lasagna Quality Vs Quantity HTML
4/2006 Life Itself is the Proper Binge Citrus Peels Orange Sauteed Asparagus Chew on This PDF (119k)
3/2006 Sugar Will Not Sweeten a Bitter Heart Stevia Kale Salad Sugar PDF (39k)
2/2006 Inside, Outside Fermented Foods Aromatic Lentil Soup Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs PDF (42k)
1/2006 Age Cook Once, Eat Twice Roasted Ratatouille Fats PDF (93k)
12/2005 People Will Forget... Create Heat Internally Roasted Veggie Soup Holiday Survival PDF (105k)
11/2005 Change Fat Gingered Broccoli Greens PDF (78k)
10/2005 Shower the People You Love Root Veggies Butternut Squash Leek Soup Sugar PDF (86k)
9/2005 Create Space to Move... Beans Lentil Burgers Safer Food Storage PDF (75k)
7/2005 Exciting Sugar Snap Peas Chilled Sugar Snap Pea Soup Belly Up to the Salad Bar PDF (74k)
6/2005 Happy as Your Mind Collard Greens Pasta w/Collards, Sun Dried Tomatoes & White Beans Travel and Still Eat Well PDF (76k)
5/2005 Renew Thyself Fennel Fennel, Orange, Spinach Salad Practice Safe Salad PDF (75k)
4/2005 Are You Looking Veggie Drink Horoset Exercise-Unexpected Benefits PDF (76k)
3/2005 If We Wait Until Perfect Licorice Greek Greens Tart Caffeine PDF (78k)
2/2005 Health is Important Peppermint Tuscan Bean Soup Chocolate PDF (78k)
1/2005 Dreams- - Reeve Garlic Zuchini Chili Taming of the Flu PDF (154k)
12/2004 Breaths- - Carlin Sweet Potatoes Banana Bread Holiday Survival PDF (141k)
11/2004 Family Cinnamon Pumpkin Soup Thanksgiving Traditions PDF (189k)
10/2004 Look Back, Look Forward Cook With Iron Pot Lentil Nut Loaf Calm Within Chaos PDF (43k)
9/2004 Secret of Life Cook for Yourself Quinoa Salad Exercise: Change is Good PDF (49k)
8/2004 Life Like a Movie Summer Heat - Cooling Foods Tarragon Cucumber Salad Fiber PDF (68k)
7/2004 Smiles Organic Experiment Grilled Caesar Salad Stay on Track at Social Events PDF (67k)
6/2004 Beginning Ending of Journey Summer Picnic Snacks Banana Pops Improvised Diet and Crime PDF (49k)
5/2004 Wish to be Someone Else Cook Once, Eat Twice Green Cocnut Rice Healthy Weight Loss PDF (40k)
4/2004 Mistake of Others Cooking Vegetables Spring Quinoa with Asparagus and Orange De-Stress at your desk PDF (44k)
3/2004 Handle Yourself - Handle Others Can I Reuse My Water Bottle? Emerald Sesame Kale Good Fish Bad Fish PDF (40k)
2/2004 Disconnecting from the Past An Apple a Day Healthy Deep Dark Chocolate Healthy Dining Out PDF (41k)
1/2004 Real Wealth Now is the Time Curried Red Lentil Soup Quality Vs. Quantity PDF (41k)
12/2003 Past, Future, Present Holiday Eating- - Think Fruit Truffles More Holiday Survival Tips PDF (41k)
11/2003 Peaceful Life Less is More Spaghetti Squash With Cilantro Walnut Pesto Healthy Holiday Eating PDF (39k)
10/2003 Finding Gold Breakfast Autumn Roasted Vegetables Say NO to Portions PDF (48k)
9/2003 Walk Away From Every Illness Purchase A New Veggie Cabbage Slaw with Dill Reduce Stress with one Perfect PDF (38k)
8/2003 Stillness Must be Found From Within Drink More Water Chilled Cucumber & Avacado Soup Energy Drains PDF (28k)
7/2003 Knowing You, Mastering Others Reading the Ingredient Panel Green Bean and Radish Salad Lie on the Label PDF (31k)
6/2003 Contentment Food Becomes You Southwestern Barley Salad Singing the Sugar Blues PDF (32k)
5/2003 Ability Motivation Attitude Grocery Shopping Crunchy Vegetable Slaw Spring Cleaning PDF (120k)
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