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December 2007

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December 2007

Personal Notes:  Happy Holidays.  Hope this finds you happy, healthy and stress free.  To make my holidays stress free I always get the “to do” list long before the season is in full force.  This allows me to enjoy the season instead of being over whelmed by it.  I can be out and about – enjoying the music and hustle and bustle.


Enjoy your holidays – may they be exactly that – ENJOYABLE and healthful!



In This Issue

Nutrition Tip – Pomegranate
Featured Recipe
Field Greens with Fruits, Nuts and Other Goodies 
Featured Article – Healthy Shopping Tips
Upcoming Events
Easing Through the Holidays Healthily and Unfrazzled
Get to Balance
Looking for a Speaker?
New at Seeds To Change
Quote of the Month Eat Pomegranate 


Nutrition Tip

Pomegranate They are all the rage- it’s in everything these days – from juice to ice cream to supplements.  Why?  They are healthful - filed with antioxidants and are helpful in preventing some cancers – most notably prostrate cancer.  They promote the production of red blood cells, strengthen the bladder and the gums; and soothes ulcers in the mouth and throat.  Home remedies have been noted for treating chronic dysentery (with the skins) and relieve burning eyes (the juice).  They are high in potassium and citric acid and have moderate amounts of vitamin C and the B vitamins.  Another good thing – they are in season now.  That makes them easier to acquire.  They are a reddish, round and sort of bumpy fruit.  They have a fairly hard shell and are filled with seeds.  The seeds are what you eat.


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Featured Recipe

This would be a great addition to any holiday celebration.  If you are bringing a dish to an event bring a healthy one – then you’ll know there is at least one balanced option.


Field Greens with a Variety of Fruit Nuts and Other Goodies (Serves 4)


Mixed Field greens, washed and dried and ripped into bite-sized pieces

2 pears, cut in bite-sized pieces

6 figs, cut in quarters

1 / 2 cup pomegranate seeds

1 / 2 cup spiced-sweet pecans (recipe below)

Goat cheese cut in small pieces (optional)

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper


Mix greens fruit, seeds and nuts (and goat cheese if using it.)  Sprinkle with olive oil and toss to coat.  Sprinkle with vinegar and season to taste with salt and pepper; gently toss to mix.


                                                Spiced-Sweet Pecans

1 cup pecans                                                       1 T maple syrup

salt and cayenne pepper to taste

Toast pecan in sauté pan (cast ion works well for this).  Drizzle with maple syrup, toss to coat. Add cayenne pepper and salt to taste.  Constantly stir to caramelize nuts for a few minutes.  Let cool before touching.


From my friend Carrie – a wonderful chef and caterer.


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Featured Article

Since it IS shopping season – I thought we would focus on shopping for food as well as gifts.

Healthy Shopping Tips by Brenda Jaeck


The following are a few tips on often debated topics.  Use the tips to make educated choices:


Conventional vs. Organic – Organic food is easier for the entire body to assimilate.  If food is laced with foreign chemicals our bodies have to spend a lot of extra energy eliminating these foreign substances.


Hormone free dairy, meat and poultry - Many cattle and dairy farms and poultry factories inject the animals with hormones.  These are designed to make the animals grow faster or bigger or produce milk or eggs at a faster rate. These substances become embedded in the animal’s flesh.  Thus, as we ingest conventional animal foods we too are ingesting these substances.  Again, these are foreign substances that must be eliminated from the body.  Additionally, these hormones can exasperate PMS and menopause symptoms.


Farm Vs Wild Seafood – Wild seafood is preferred, assuming the fish came from a clean source.   Farmed seafood is often fed antibiotics, hormones or dye.  The dye makes the fish look more appealing.  For example, think how colorful farm-raised salmon is compared to wild salmon.


Read the Labels   Many of the foods we eat contain hidden ingredients.  This is why it is important to read the labels on packaged food.  Sugar, corn syrup, sodium, and various forms of unhealthy fat lurk in so many everyday products. Additionally, there are a plethora of preservatives and other additives in our food.   If you don’t read the labels you really have NO idea what you are eating.


Where to Shop – Always shop where the highest quality items are available.  Sometimes this may mean a conventional grocery store – sometimes a health food store may have the best options.  Hybrid stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s offer a wide selection of high quality foods. (but you still have to read the labels J )


While in the Store -- When shopping try to shop from the parameter of the store; the most wholesome food – produce, dairy and meat are generally kept there.  The more commercial, packaged items are generally store in the center of the store.


What should you by – Again, think how food is grown in nature – buy food that is as close to its natural state as possible.  This would include fresh produce, whole grains, beans and legumes as well as various meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products.




Holiday Shopping Alternatives


My annual charity finds


Each year I try to include a few unique and worthy charities I have some across during the year. 


Seva Foundation – Gifts of Service.    Gifts that do a world of good.  Chose from: Hearts of Compassion, Native American, Kindness for Children, Sight Programs, and Gifts of Self Development.


Mennonite Central Committee – works among people suffering from poverty, conflict, oppression and natural disaster.


For animal lovers        PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of


ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of

Cruelty of Animals


 A chartable donation in the name of a loved one makes an excellent, easy and helpful gift.


Gift of health


Of course another great gift would be the gift of health – how about a Seeds To Change gift certificate, CD or even the CD of the month club.  To lean more:


For more tips on the holidays


Visit my website and review the previous December issues of this newsletter.  You’ll find them on the resources page.

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Upcoming Events



Easing through the holidays - healthy, unfrazzled and sane

During the holiday season the average person gains 5 - 10 pounds, spends more money than they meant to and ends the season feeling overwhelmed, disappointed or both.

Join me in this class to learn some tips on how to make healthier choices - in terms of food, drink, money and time.

Monday December 10 at 7 PM

For further information or to register:

The teleclass will be one hour in length with a question and answer period following. Can’t make that time?  Sign up anyway as anyone who signs up will receive the notes from the call via email as well as the ability to download a recording of the call.  This way you can listen to the call again or tune it when it is more convenient for you. 

You will receive call-in information after registering.


 (what’s a teleclass?  It is just like a class you would attend in person, except you don’t have to leave your house or office.  You simply call the number provided and participate via telephone)


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Get to Balance – How will you usher in the holiday season and new year?  How about with a healthier, more balanced life plan?

Are your health concerns impeding you from living life fully? Do you want to change your relationship with food from the inside out? Are you seeking deep seeded balance and wellness?


I would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with you on a personal level.  We can work together privately to create a customized life-long plan for you AND create the steps to incorporate those changes into your existing routines.


Through my counseling services I can help you create and maintain balance in your life by using nutrition as a focus and a tool.  To do this I look at your entire lifestyle to achieve maximum health.  This is accomplished through education and private consultations where an individualized program is developed for you.  These consultations include evaluating your current diet and overall lifestyle and then making easily implemented, gradual changes.  Additionally, you’ll receive outside information in the form of articles, books, tapes and recipes.  Also included are additional monthly forms of education and participation -- activities like cooking coaching, health food store shopping hints, light exercising functions and other activities. My practice is telephone based, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease. To learn more to go


There is also an email version of my program.


To schedule an initial consultation contact me today at or (917) 213-9305. 


By starting today, you will; Create action NOW


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Looking for a speaker?

One of my greatest joys is speaking to groups.  It is always a dynamic exchange and we all come away enriched.  Would your company or group benefit from an entertaining, motivating speaker on how to get healthier?   If so, please let me know the name and contact information of your program coordinator so that I may send them an informational packet.  I would love the opportunity to serve your favorite group.



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New at Seeds To Change


HEALTHY HOLIDAYS  The average person gains between 5 – 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  How can you change that for yourself this year?  We’ will discuss how to prepare yourself before going to an event, how to navigate the food and drink choices and how to recognize and defuse the triggers.  Join me for an inspirational lecture.  This year CAN be different!

To order:



PERFECT FOR YOUR CAR LIBRARY OR A HOLIDAY GIFT. Informative CD’s - You can lean about anything from Sugar to How to Eat Out Healthily in my new series of nutrition and lifestyle lectures on CD. Other topics include: Fasting and Cleansing, Eat for Balance and Energy, Healthy Weight Loss, Your Nutrition Questions Answered, Get out of Your Head: How To Stop the Chatter, and an Introduction to Meditation and five new titles: Sleep Issues, Water: How and Why to Drink More, Ten Top Tips for a Healthier You!, Constipation and Food Cravings. They are informative, interesting and even a little entertaining!  To order go to


NOW AVAILABLE CD OF THE MONTH CLUB  What a GREAT way to create change or to give the gift of health.  For details:



WEBSITE: Check out my website.  It is chock-full information and resources.



GIFT CERTIFICATES: Looking for a unique and easy gift?  How about a Seeds To Change Gift Certificate – available in any denomination – give the gift of health – to yourself or someone you care about. Another perfect gift!


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Quote of the Month

Pomegranate, for it purges the system of hatred and envy.  Mohammad

Please forward this newsletter to anyone and everyone that would benefit from Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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Helping you grow a happy, healthy life





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