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August 2009

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August 2009

Personal Notes:
Greetings. I just returned from a week in Charleston, SC where I had the privilege to take many yoga classes with my long time yoga teacher, Jeffery Cohen. He and his wife, Andrea Boyd, run a wonderful yoga center – Jivamukti Yoga Charleston. They continue to spread the word of Jivamukti founders, Sharon Gannon and David Life. It was a great way to relax and reconnect; reconnect with myself and the need for inner stillness. Hope you found time to do the same some time this summer.


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Nutrition Tip – Avocados
Featured Recipe – Green Olives and Cream
Featured Article – Fats
Tools to start the new year of right – Detoxify Self-Guided Cleanse Program read more...
Get to Balance
Looking for a Speaker?
New at Seeds To Change
Quote of the Month The summit and the panoramic view read more...


Nutrition Tip

Avocados – Although technically a fruit they are most often served as a vegetable. Many people shy away from them because of their high fat content – but not to worry, it is a HEALTHY form of a fat and a little avocado, because if it’s decedent nature, goes a long way. They are packed with fiber – 14 grams in a whole one, they contain protein, potassium, B vitamins, beta-carotene, magnesium and Vitamins E and K.


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Featured Recipe

A great way to get in some healthy fats! --- I know it sounds decadent. And, it IS. It is wonderful as a dip on endive or romaine lettuce leaves.


Green Olives and Cream


2 cups avocado, smashed

1 / 3 cup cilantro, chopped

1 clove garlic, minced

1 cup green olives, sliced

1 t sea salt

1 fresh squeezed lemon

1 / 2 onion, chopped fine


Combine all ingredients


By Deva Kaur Kahlsa from

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Featured Article

Fat – the good, the bad, the reason by Brenda Jaeck


Fat has become a nutritional taboo. People often think if the eat fat it will make them fat. In actuality, fat is an important part of the diet. It is needed for so many reasons.


Fat gives our food staying power. It helps slow down how food is processed in our systems; thereby giving you more energy for a longer period of time with the same amount of food. It also gives our food “mouth feel.” This allows us to feel like we have eaten something. Think Snackwells. These non-fat and low-fat baked goods burst onto the market in the 80’s. People would eat so many more of these per sitting than regular baked goods (often the WHOLE box) as they were not satisfied because of the lack of “mouth feel” AND they had a mind set that they were lower in calories. Fat also gives food flavor.


Fat warms the body – a diet too low in fat will leave you feeling cold – particularly in a cold climate. It also gives us energy.

So having said all that about the importance of fat – what kind of fat should you eat or not eat. Eating a natural, non-processed fat is always the best – healthy sources include – nuts, avocados and olive oil. Not so great choices include hydrogenated oils. These oils are highly processed and most difficult for the body to digest and eliminate. They are in SO many foods – most packaged foods contain some form of hydrogenated oils. How do you know? Read the label. Some forms of natural fats are not the healthiest choice either – these include saturated fats – most of these come from animal sources and contain cholesterol.


Fat is NOT a dirty word or something that should be avoided but rather something that should be sought out and incorporated into the diet in a healthy way.


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Tools to Move out of the Summer with

Two targeted home study programs available --


Here is the ultimate at-home support for creating physical change! A vibrant collection of audios and workbooks take you on a step-by-step journey to success.


They are so thorough, it’s almost like I am in the room with you! Since they are self-guided you can work at your own pace.


Available topics:


  • Healthy Weight Loss An eight week program to help you get a

handle on your weight


For more information or to order visit:



  • Detoxifying Cleanse Program This complete program guides you through

a week-long internal cleanse at home.


For more information or to order visit:



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Get to Balance –How will you bring more balance to your life? How about a healthier, more balanced life plan?

Are your health concerns impeding you from living life fully? Do you want to change your relationship with food from the inside out? Are you seeking deep seeded balance and wellness?


I would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with you on a personal level. We can work together privately to create a customized life-long plan for you AND create the steps to incorporate those changes into your existing routines.


Through my counseling services I can help you create and maintain balance in your life by using nutrition as a focus and a tool.  To do this I look at your entire lifestyle to achieve maximum health.  This is accomplished through education and private consultations where an individualized program is developed for you.  These consultations include evaluating your current diet and overall lifestyle and then making easily implemented, gradual changes.  Additionally, you’ll receive outside information in the form of articles, books, tapes and recipes.  Also included are additional monthly forms of education and participation -- activities like cooking coaching, health food store shopping hints, light exercising functions and other activities. My practice is telephone based, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease.


There is also an email version of my program now available.


To learn more to go


To schedule an initial consultation contact me today at or (917) 213-9305.


By starting today, you will; Create action NOW


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Looking for a speaker?

One of my greatest joys is speaking to groups. It is always a dynamic exchange and we all come away enriched. Would your company or group benefit from an entertaining, motivating speaker on how to get healthier? If so, please let me know the name and contact information of your program coordinator so that I may send them an informational packet. I would love the opportunity to serve your favorite group.


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New at Seeds To Change

NEW PODCAST POSTING – hear a rebroadcast of my radio show on Using Food Medicinally We all use food medicinally but usually it’s after the fact. We’ll look at ways to use food to support your lifestyle and other health concerns. Just click the “listen to my podcast button on my website:



FEATURED CD This month’s featured CD is— Get Out of Your Head – How to Curb the Chatter and Gain Control.


Is your mind always racing? Do you have difficultly getting to sleep? Learn some techniques to stop this chatter. We will discuss some of the reasons the chatter exists and some ways to calm it down. Stopping the chatter will give you more focus, clarity and calm relaxation. To order visit:



PERFECT FOR YOUR CAR LIBRARY OR A GIFT. Informative CD’s - You can lean about anything from Sugar to How to Eat Out Healthily in my new series of nutrition and lifestyle lectures on CD. Other topics include: Fasting and Cleansing, Eat for Balance and Energy, Healthy Weight Loss, Your Nutrition Questions Answered, Get out of Your Head: How To Stop the Chatter, and an Introduction to Meditation and five new titles: Sleep Issues, Water: How and Why to Drink More, Ten Top Tips for a Healthier You!, Constipation and Food Cravings. They are informative, interesting and even a little entertaining! You can order them individually or join the CD of the month club. To order go to



GIFT CERTICIATES ARE AVAIABLE – Give the gift of health for any occasion.


NOW AVAILABLE CD OF THE MONTH CLUB What a GREAT way to create change or to give the gift of health. For details:


WEBSITE: Check out my website. It is chock-full information and resources.


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Quote of the Month

You have to climb to the summit to experience the panoramic view. ---

Sharon Gannon, Co-Founder – Jivamukti Yoga

Where in your life are you missing out on the panoramic view because you are not

reaching the summit?

Please forward this newsletter to anyone and everyone that would benefit from Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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Helping you grow a happy, healthy life





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