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June 2007

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June 2007

Personal Notes: It’s coming up on the season of vacations.  Where will you go?  How will you decide where to go?  I am in this mode myself – deciding where I will take a break from it all. I travel often; sometimes this means “schlepping” into the city for a day, sometimes it means escaping to the Catskills to work at a resort spa and sometimes it means visiting friends and/or lecturing on the west coast.  However, this type of traveling is NOT taking a break from it all.   As a friend of mine often says – Wherever you go --- there you are.  As such, it is important to choose a place where you can mix things up a bit – maybe you can even learn something along the way.  Sometimes, it is even good to just be while on vacation.    You know -- sit in a chair and do nothing or read or people watch.


Need some more ideas?  Listen to my radio show where I interview Stephanie Paradise, owner of New Age Health Spa – we discuss this exact topic. Looking for a specific, healthy escape? – watch for information on my upcoming cleansing retreats.


In This Issue

Nutrition Tip – Beans
Featured Recipe – Tuscan White Bean Dip
Featured Article – Healthy Snacking
Upcoming Events20% Initial Consultations for the month of June. Also, the Spring Self-Guided Cleanse is now available as a home study program
Get to Balance
Looking for a Speaker?
New at Seeds To Change
Quote of the Month Real Beauty


Nutrition Tip

Beans, Beans, Beans  - are a wonder food.  They are full of protein, high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients.  They are proven to help reduce the risk of cancer. Often called a “musical fruit” – I think rather they are a “miracle fruit”.  However, if you have issues with the gas in beans cook them with kombu, a form of seaweed.  It helps to disburse the gas in beans while cooking.  If you buy canned beans, buy them in a health food store and read the ingredient label – most natural brands (Westbrae and others) are cooked this way.  In Hispanic cultures they use the herb Epazote, in Indian cultures they use the herb Asafetida.  They both serve the same purpose – to alleviate the gas in the beans. 



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Featured Recipe

Tuscan White Bean Dip


1 clove garlic

1 (15 oz) can white beans (Northern White or Cannelloni), drained and rinsed

1 / 2 T lemon juice

1 / 4 t salt

1 / 4 cup olive oil


  1. Place garlic in food processor and process until minced.  Add beans, lemon juice, salt and process into a puree.  With processor running, slowly add olive oil in a steady stream through the feed tube.  Process until mixture thickens, about 1 – 2 minutes.  Spoon into serving dish and serve as a dip.  Store in airtight container in refrigerator, bring to room temperature before serving.  Makes about 1 cup.


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Featured Article

Healthy Snacking  By Brenda Jaeck, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach


You have often heard that eating three meals plus a snack or two is the way to go.  Why are snacks helpful?   Snacks keep our bodies fueled and functioning effectively. Sometimes people think this is a lot of food.  However, abstaining from food when you are truly hungry only sets you up for over-eating at the next meal. As such, having a light snack can create a more even flow of food throughout the day instead of in three larger doses.


Having said all that, one important point -- A snack is just that – a small tidbit – not a whole another meal.


What IS a good snack?  A good snack is one that works for you.  What does this mean?  It means one that is accessible where you are when you need a snack.  For example, if you are at work when you need a snack – it will need to be portable.  Even if you are at home during snack time it still needs to be accessible. In this case it might mean easily obtainable and easy to prepare.  Another aspect of “working for you” means that you feel good when you eat it – it does not upset your system, sit heavy in your stomach or create a craving.  These are aspects of food that we should pay attention to at any time – snacks AND meals.


Snacks should contain healthy ingredients – why not get some nutrients in at the same time as satisfying hunger?


Some examples:


Nuts and a piece of fruit

Veggies and humus or another bean dip or a healthy salad dressing (see recipe in this newsletter)

Whole grain crackers with nut butter

Low-fat cheese and fruit or whole grain cracker

Small serving of yogurt with fruit and nuts

Cup of soup – preferably with some veggies and/or beans

A small size portion of leftovers (not an entire entrée)


The moral of the story is: evaluate what will work for you.  Do you need a snack?  Where will you be?  What are some good options?  Happy snacking!


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Upcoming Events

June Special – 20% off initial consultations (new clients only).  For details visit:


A Self-Guided Cleanse – now available as a home study course


You’ve heard and read a lot about the benefits of cleansing your body.  You spring clean your house – why not do the same for your body?  This seven-module (audio and written) program will guide you through conducting an internal cleanse.


You will learn:


§         Why it is helpful and healthful to cleanse

§         How to conduct a cleanse at home

§         How to ease back into “normal” eating


For more information or to order visit:


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Get to Balance – Start the season off right!

Are your health concerns impeding you from living life fully? Do you want to change your relationship with food from the inside out? Are you seeking deep seeded balance and wellness?


I would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with you on a personal level.  We can work together privately to create a customized life-long plan for you AND create the steps to incorporate those changes into your existing routines.


Through my counseling services I can help you create and maintain balance in your life by using nutrition as a focus and a tool.  To do this I look at your entire lifestyle to achieve maximum health.  This is accomplished through education and private consultations where an individualized program is developed for you.  These consultations include evaluating your current diet and overall lifestyle and then making easily implemented, gradual changes.  Additionally, you’ll receive outside information in the form of articles, books, tapes and recipes.  Also included are additional monthly forms of education and participation -- activities like cooking coaching, health food store shopping hints, light exercising functions and other activities. My practice is telephone based, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease. To learn more to go


To schedule an initial consultation contact me today at or (917) 213-9305. 


By starting today, you will; Create action NOW


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Looking for a speaker?

One of my greatest joys is speaking to groups.  It is always a dynamic exchange and we all come away enriched.  Would your company or group benefit from an entertaining, motivating speaker on how to get healthier?   If so, please let me know the name and contact information of your program coordinator so that I may send them an informational packet.  I would love the opportunity to serve your favorite group.



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New at Seeds To Change

FEATURED CD  This month’s featured CD is – Healthy Weight Loss– Here’s a brief description


Why are there so many diets?  Why don't they work?  How can you lose weight AND maintain it?   We will discuss all of this plus some weight loss tips.  We will also look at the true answer to: how to keep the weight off after the goal is achieved?



PERFECT FOR YOUR CAR LIBRARY OR A HEALTHFUL GRADUATION OR FATHER’s DAY GIFT. Informative CD’s - You can lean about anything from Sugar to How to Eat Out Healthily in my new series of nutrition and lifestyle lectures on CD. Other topics include: Fasting and Cleansing, Eat for Balance and Energy, Healthy Weight Loss, Your Nutrition Questions Answered, Get out of Your Head: How To Stop the Chatter, and an Introduction to Meditation.  They are informative, interesting and even a little entertaining!  To order go to


WEBSITE: Check out my website.  It is chock-full information and resources.


WEEKLY RADIO SHOW HOSTED BY ME!   On  It’s an hour long show on the Internet.  For details go the website .  Each week we’ll cover a different nutrition/health topic, sometimes including guests.  This month’s topics include: The Importance of Getting Away From it all, How and Why to Grow Your Own Veggies, Why Don’t I Know This? – Some Simple Holistic Solutions to Common Health Issues and Eating Seasonally.  Check the site for air times, or go to the pod cast section and listen 24 hours a day!  Any ideas for shows are welcome – just email  If you are interested in being a guest – contact me about that too!


GIFT CERTIFICATES: Looking for a unique and easy gift?  How about a Seeds To Change Gift Certificate – available in any denomination – give the gift of health – to yourself or someone you care about. Another perfect Graduation, Father’s Day or hostess gift!


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Quote of the Month

BEAUTY TIPS  by Audrey Hepburn

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone... People,
even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed,
and redeemed; never throw out anyone.

If you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands;

one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.


Keep on dancing like nobody's looking!


Please forward this newsletter to anyone and everyone that would benefit from Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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Helping you grow a happy, healthy life





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